Marketing Cloud Release
October 2020

The October 2020 Marketing Cloud release occurs on October 17, 2020 through October 24, 2020. Some features are made available to your instance within a week of the release.

Release Highlights

Release Edits

  • Marketing Cloud App and Setup October 2020 Release Notes
    Learn about enhancements to SSL certificates, Audit Trail, and Alert Manager.
  • Marketing Cloud Cross-Cloud Integrations October 2020 Release Notes
    We’re retiring the Microsoft Dynamics CRM online integration with Marketing Cloud on December 1, 2020. We’re retiring the A/B test feature in Marketing Cloud Connect in January 2021. V2 of Marketing Cloud Connect is scheduled to retire in March 2021. Distributed Marketing updates include image block enhancements, campaign send enhancements, and the ability to send bulk quick send messages from a list view.
  • Marketing Cloud Data Management October 2020 Release Notes
    For Interaction Studio, you can create granular account roles, transfer file safely and securely with SMTP, and import data using feeds. Also in Interaction Studio, you can use Web Templates for Web Personalization, get insight into activity and campaign visibility, and trigger a journey when certain customer criteria is met. Synchronized Data Extensions are 250 fields. LinkedIn company matching capabilities are available in Advertising Studio.
  • Marketing Cloud Developers October 2020 Release Notes
    Review the following topics to learn about changes or updates that relate to Marketing Cloud APIs or developer topics.
  • Marketing Cloud Einstein October 2020 Release Notes
    Your journeys can send messages in a smarter way with Einstein. Easily segment journey contacts by optimal send frequency or predicted engagement level, and let Einstein send to each contact at the best time in Single Send journeys. Get greater insight about your Enterprise’s engagement data as it relates to send time optimization. And there’s now a safeguard to help you create profile attributes that include everyone.
  • Marketing Cloud Journeys and Messages October 2020 Release Notes
    If you’re a MobilePush customer who uses beacons and geofences, check out the latest iOS 14 updates. MobilePush is retiring the user interface for .p12 certificates. Campaigns functionality is removed from Email Studio. Standard Content Builder blocks now output accessible HTML and the Email Form block is enhanced. Goole Chrome blocks mixed content.
  • Marketing Cloud Social October 2020 Release Notes
    You can target LinkedIn posts by region in Social Studio. And you can improve accessibility for your Facebook or LinkedIn posts by adding image alt text.